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Lyn Nance-Sasser and Stephen Sasser!

Multiple award winning artists Lyn Nance-Sasser and Stephen Sasser have exhibited their prints in galleries and museums all over the world. Both born in Portland, they have made the city their home and studio since the beginning. They are now creating a suite of prints featuring iconic attributes of cities across the country. The unusual urban images are superimposed on vintage tourist street maps, accompanied by a “You Are Here” graphic, pinpointing the precise location of each chosen icon.

“Our collaborative process is the foundation of our work. We have been working together on images for over 35 years."

It was while they were in art school together that Lyn and Stephen discovered their love for graphic design — and to prove it, after graduating, the duo opened their own award-winning printmaking studio and atelier, working on their own prints and helping other artists translate their imagery into prints. After taking a hiatus to start a family, they came back to printmaking, focusing on urban icons and vintage tourist street maps. They take photographs, with an iPhone, of several features for a specific city, and then create sketches based on the landmarks. Once they're happy with their work, they impost it onto a retro street map, so each print is as unique as the city which inspired it.

Beginning with a project grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland,
You Are Here — Art Prints began with 10 images of their home town, two each from the five city sectors. Now, after executing a successful Kickstarter campaign, they have expanded their geographic reach to include prints featuring icons in, and maps of Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Anaheim, New York City, Kansas City, Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Vancouver, BC, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Recently they have started working on cities beyond North America. They started with London, England and Tokyo, Japan.

The images are printed on an 100% cotton, acid-free, made in the USA, artists printmaking
paper, from the Monadnock Paper Mill, the oldest paper mill in America. They use archival pigment inks that are very light fast, meaning they will last a very long time. The prints come in two sizes, 8 1/2” x 11” and 11” x 17.”

“Our goal in printmaking has always been to make art that is collectible and more affordable.”

As founding members and board participants, including president of the Northwest Printmakers Council, now Print Arts Northwest, an organization of artists representing four western states and three Canadian provinces, Lyn and Stephen have established themselves as leaders in their field.

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